Rainbow Six Siege players can get free items just for playing the Division 2 free trial

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Rainbow Six: Siege is currently midway through the first operation of year 5 - Operation Void Edge.

Year 5 Season 2 might not be here for a while, but if you're looking for new things to earn, Ubisoft is leaning on another Tom Clancy property by offering free content for anyone jumping into the Division 2's new free trial.

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The third-person loot-shooter is now open for players for eight hours of playtime – with a level cap of 8. That means you'll be able to liberate Washington D.C. at no cost and with the game only launching in 2019, you've got nothing to lose.

Even better, Rainbow Six: Siege owners have something to gain. Players can grab a cosmetic set for Ela, as well as the "Impromptu" weapon skin. You'll need to be logging into Ubisoft Club on both games to be able to claim them.

You can check both out below:

We're quite fond of both items

The Division 2's free trial is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, and you can find it on the digital storefronts of each console. You can also carry your progress over to the full game if you decide to take the plunge.