Rainbow Six Siege Operation Void Edge: Operators And Operator Abilities

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Rainbow Six: Siege is building momentum ahead of Operation Void Edge, the game's sixteenth free content drop.

One of the highlights is bound to be the two new operators being added, and we've got all the info below on both Iana and Oryx.


Ubisoft has begun to tease the characters' backstories, too. Check them out here.

Read on for more.

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Iana Operator Abilities

Iana is likely to be available on March 11, 2020, for Year 5 pass owners. Of course, we'll update this when we know for sure.


Like Oryx, she'll unlock a week later for other players to purchase.

Iana uses the ARX 200 and G36-C assault rifles, while she only has one secondary weapon which is the MK1 pistol.

Iana uses a Replicator, which deploys a controllable hologram. It's like a more hands-on version of Mirage's ability from Apex Legends.

Oryx Operator Abilities

Oryx is likely to land alongside Operation Void Edge, which is expected on March 11, 2020. 


Like Iana, he'll be available to Year 5 Pass owners, and purchasable a week later for everyone else.

Oryx uses a SPAS-12 shotgun or MP5 SMG as primary weapons, as well as defensive tools like a bulletproof camera and barbed wire. He also gets to pick between the Bailiff 410 revolver or a USP40 pistol as a secondary weapon.

Oryx has the ability to run and smash through breakable surfaces and hatches, which makes him sound like Juggernaut from X-Men - and we're totally fine with that.

He doesn't have a gadget in the traditional sense, but he can power through enemies too with a move called the Remah Dash. We can't wait to fly through entire squads with him.