When Does Thunderbird Join The Other Rainbow Six Operatives

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We've been patiently waiting for the Rainbow Six Siege North Star update for a while now. Today is the fateful day when the update is supposed to go live. However, we still don't have an estimated time frame for when the Rainbow Six Siege North Star update arrives.

The update will bring a new operator to the game. This operator, named Thunderbird, is a defender. She'll also have the ability to heal her teammates using the Kona station.


Not only that, but Thunderbird also carries the Spear .308 assault rifle or the Spas-15 combat shotgun, depending upon the loadout you choose. She's light on her armor but she's nimble with her feet. That'll help you get out of tricky situations quickly, but try not to get shot in the back.

When is the Rainbow Six Siege North Star update coming to all platforms?

Based on our previous experience with the game, this update will probably go live sometime around 2 PM GMT. There is no confirmation till now. This time is just speculation based upon the release times for the previous updates.


That being said, Ubisoft can either surprise us by deploying the update early or delaying it for a few hours too. Rainbow Six Siege is a very unpredictable game. And it's not odd to see the developers being unpredictable about the update timings either.

The Rainbow Six Siege North Star update brings a few interesting changes to the game. The scoreboard gets a much-needed upgrade, and there are a few bugs that have been addressed in this patch.

The Rainbow Six Siege North Star update will also bring a few weapon balances to the game. Weapons like the SMG-12 will have their recoils adjusted. A few operators will also be adjusted for better gameplay. You can find the entire official patch notes here.