Rainbow Six Siege: New Y5S2.3 Patch Notes Address Balancing Issues, Operator Tunings, and Bug Fixes

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Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six Siege just got a new patch on both PS4 and Xbox One. The same update, Y5S2.3, went live July 29 on PC after a slight delay.

Fuze, Gridlock, and Oryx Overhauls

Fuze, Gridlock, and Oryx have each received a slight revision in hopes of balancing the game. Fuze has been given “a bit more presence” courtesy of an additional cluster charge; he now has a total of four.

Gridlock’s got a laundry list of changes. Here’s what’s new with her:

  • Her caltrop deployment time’s been lowered to 9 seconds (down from 13).
  • Individual caltrops now deploy in 0.45 seconds (down from 0.7).
  • The range of “random deploy variation” is now at 0.05 seconds (down from 0.1).
  • There’s now a delay of 0.45 seconds before the ability starts.

Oryx has been given an increase in mobility and durability:

  • Dashing through a soft wall won’t delete his dash charges.
  • His dash’s cooldown time has been increased to 12 seconds (up from 8).
  • Recovery time for all individual dashes is now at 0.5 seconds.

“To maintain consistency with softwall interactions,” Ubisoft says, “we’re giving enemies that are pushed through walls the same feedback as when Oryx dashes through them.”

Ranked 2SV

On PC, two-step authentication is now mandatory for ranked play in the Asia-Pacific region. “Ranked 2SV lock was previously announced for all other regions when it was first put into place,” Ubisoft said back in May. “This change will standardize the ranked 2SV requirement on our global servers.”

Various Bug Fixes

Ace’s SELMA device should no longer get stuck on the environment. Amaru should be able to aim faster after moving through a window or hatch. Door frames and windows have been “flattened” down across all maps. And you may notice some other cosmetic and quality-of-life improvements elsewhere.