Rainbow Six Siege Cross-Play and Cross-Progression News Coming At E3 2021

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While Ubisoft has promised to unveil the long-awaited (and recently renamed) Rainbow Six: Extraction at its Ubisoft Forward E3 2021 presentation, Siege isn't being left behind.

In a tweet from the Rainbow Six Twitter account, the developers have promised updates on both crossplay and cross-progression to be revealed at the showcase.

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Rainbow Six Siege Cross-Play and Cross-Progression News Coming At E3 2021

Check out the Tweet below:


While crossplay is likely to be contentious due to Siege's history with hackers and the inherent advantage of a mouse and keyboard vs a controller, cross-progression is another proposition.


With Siege players having to grind to unlock Operators (or spend money on various editions), it's unclear as to whether it'll extend to taking your roster with you wherever you go, or if it'll be entirely focused on the game's recently introduced Battle Pass system.

The game's next Operation, North Star, begins next week, meaning it's likely to be shown off at the event, too.

Earlier this year, we opined that cross-save is arguably just as important as crossplay.

We said:

There are still notable holdouts, sure (looking at you, FIFA) but we’re on the right track, and maybe when we can all play together, cross-save will be less important.
But still, I yearn for the day where I can pick up Borderlands 3 on my PC (just because I want to play it there) and carry over my character and loot from the Xbox version.
Of course, this is the epitome of a first-world problem and I doubt it's as easy as flicking a switch but in this future of streaming games to seemingly every device in your home, who wouldn't want to pick up a game where they leave off?