Rainbow Six Siege Code of Conduct Updated To Prohibit Stream Sniping

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Rainbow Six Siege's Code of Conduct has been updated to ban the practice of stream sniping.

Ubisoft's tactical shooter has added another "Don't" to the "Cheating and Unfair Advantage" section of its rules.


You can find the full update here.

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Rainbow Six Siege Code of Conduct Updated To Prohibit Stream Sniping

The new rule tells players that they are unable to "exploit a broadcaster's live broadcast in order to gain an unfair advantage or harass them in-game, such as stream sniping."


The publisher reserves the right to suspend or ban players at both account and game levels.

For the uninitiated, stream sniping is the practice of getting into a streamer's game and using their stream to inform your own tactics, allowing an unfair advantage.

It's the kind of thing that's usually prevalent in Battle Royale titles with high player counts and massive maps, but it must be happening to a certain extent for Ubisoft to publically call it out.

Siege already uses Battleye to ban players caught cheating, and it seems to occur often judging by the amount of notifications that appear in the menus that reveal which players are excommunicated from the Church of Tachanka, sorry, I mean banned from Siege.


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