Rainbow Six Siege Best Team Setup: Who Should You Be Picking For Your Squad?

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Rainbow Six Siege is in its sixth year of content now, and that means there are sixty Operators - each with unique stats, weapons and abilities. That means it can be a lot to take in, especially when you're looking to build out your team.

Team composition is key, and while we've got a full Operator Tier List for you already, it can be tricky to work out which to pick together. Below you'll find our recommendations for forming a solid team - but the rest is up to you.


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Siege Best Attacking Team Setup

As an Attacker, you'll want to find a team composition that ticks every box. All Operators can ill, but you'll want someone capable of taking out gadgets, blowing through walls rapidly, and giving your team an advantage in a firefight with status effects like concussions.

To that end, here's our current Attacker lineup:


Ash is a core part of any team because her kit is simple to grasp - she makes big holes in walls, and has a pair of Assault Rifles and handguns, too.

Her launcher is also pretty quick to fire and works from a distance - meaning you can take out some gadgets, too.



The game's latest Attacker, Flores is ideal because his explosive drone can anchor itself on walls or gadgets.

It also armours itself when it's in place, making it ideal for clearing a room - if it doesn't blow up an enemy, it'll send them running into his Assault or Markman Rifles.


Hibana has become a fan favourite because her grenade launcher offers eighteen explosive rounds that can be triggered from a distance - meaning she can open up a whole new corridor if she so chooses.

She's also got a Shotgun for any unsuspecting enemies she gets behind, or an Assault Rifle - making her flexible.


Another of the game's earliest Operators, Thatcher remains popular today because he's able to nullify almost every defensive gadget in the game with his EMP grenade, before mopping up with two AR options and a shotgun,


The EMP actually passes through walls, too, meaning if someone has spotted a gadget you can't physically see, you may still be able to nullify it.


Twitch is, in many ways, to Thatcher what Flores is to Ash. His shock drone may not have the same level of manouverability, but it can get close enough to disable key defensive gadgets like signal jammers from Mute or Kaid's electro-claws.

He's also equipped with a variety of weaponry, making him viable in short, medium, and medium-long term engagements.


Once you've punched all the holes in the walls, and disabled the gadgets left for you, you'll want Zofia's KS79 Lifeline launcher to lob grenades into a room.

It offers both Impact and Concussion modes, with the latter softening enemies up for her AR or LMG. They can bounce around corners, too.


Siege Best Defending Team Setup

As a Defender, your task is to stop enemies by any means - even if that doesn't mean killing them. Our squad below can not only frustrate enemies but leave them open to a counter - all while the clock ticks down.

To that end, here's our current Defender lineup:


Bandit is able to make the likes of barbed wire and reinforced walls or the more deadly, fitting them with Shock Wires to deal around 9 damage per second. Perhaps, more importantly, is that when shocked, Attackers will shout out and have distorted vision - essentially marking them for an easy kill.

His weapons complement this playstyle, too, with an SMG and Shotgun available to get in close to finish targets off.


Jager has one of Siege's most unilaterally useful gadgets because his Active Defense System can plug grenades out of the air - making it important for defending high-footfall areas. Frag, Stun, and EMP grenades can all be nabbed, including GONNE-6 rounds.


Carefully placed, it can take the sting out of several of our best Attackers, and Jager's 416-C Carbine isn't half bad either.


Lesion's Gu mines are a nasty business, automatically cloaking and dealing damage when an Operator walks within one metre of them. These will deal 4 damage every 2 seconds and require Operators to remove them manually - offering a chance for a kill.

While suffering from the Gu's effects, Operators will experience disorientation, too. Their cloaked nature makes them ideal for defending rotation spots, since players may be expecting an empty hallway.


Maestro is key for relaying information to his team using the Evil Eye gadget. This camera is bulletproof when not in use (although its glass cover can now be smashed), but when opened, it can not only identify enemies but deal a small bit of damage with its onboard laser beam, too.

That makes it ideal for distracting an enemy just long enough for a teammate to kill them, or for removing a downed enemy from the game entirely.



Mute's Signal Disruptor remains one of the game's most useful gadgets, despite its arrival in 2015. Not only are they great at disabling drones in the prep phase, but they're ideal deterrents to breach charges and hard breach charges, pushing enemies to find another way around.

Mute's MP5K is also a great weapon choice, making him a smart all-rounder.


As the name suggests, Smoke has a gas cloud that can be used to fill rooms, but with it having the potential to damage both teammates and hostages, it's worth checking where you throw it. Still, it can block off a room or doorway for a few valuable seconds to allow for a flank, or disorientate an enemy enough to nudge them towards Lesion's Gu mines or Smoke's own barbed wire for an extra bit of damage.