Rainbow 6 Siege Crimson Heist Battle Pass: Content, Price, Release Date and More

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Crimson Heist is right around the corner, and we can't wait to get our hands on the new changes Ubisoft have implemented.

We'll also be getting our hands on a brand new Battle Pass! But what does it feature and how much does it cost?



The new season brings tons of new cosmetics iwth 100 tiers of outfits, weapons skins, charms and more.

Some of the skins showcased on the test server are placeholders, and will likely be revealed closer to the release of Crimson Heist


Like previous seasons, this pass will have a paid and a free path, meaning you'll still be able to earn rewards without paying any more. 

You'll also be able to get plently of Alpha packs that are guaranteed epic and legendary. 

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For a full look at the upcoming Battle Pass, check out CoreRoss' video here.



To get access to the premium trackm you'll need 1200 R6 credits. However, if you have the year pass, you'll get a discount (840 R6 Credits).

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If you're planning on getting even half way through the pass by the end of the season, we recommend purchasing the Crimson Heist battle pass.


Release Date

The Crimson Heist season starts on 16th March 2021. 

We assume the battle pass will release alongside the launch of the new season. 

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You'll then have untill the end of the season (around 3 months) to complete all 100 tiers.