Is Rainbow Six Siege Split Screen?

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Rainbow Six Siege is now into its sixth season of content, and in the last few months, Ubisoft has launched the tactical shooter onto PS5 and Xbox Series S/X, and confirmed cross-progression is coming to the game.

If you've picked it up on console or PC, you may be wondering if local multiplayer is an option. Here's all we know about playing Siege with split-screen.


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Is Rainbow Six Siege Split Screen?

Unfortunately, if you got Rainbow Six Siege to play with a friend on a split-screen, you're out of luck.

At the time of writing, this isn't a feature available to players, with multiplayer restricted to online.


Time for your friend to bring their console over, like the good ol' days, where you'll be able to play online against others or team up in PvE Situations and Terrorist Hunt.

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