Rainbow Six Siege Snow Brawl Start Time: Christmas Event 2021, New LTM, Rewards, And More!

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Rainbow Six Siege receives new content from time to time, but surprisingly the team has never gone that hard on Christmas. Clearly, the dev team doesn't mind celebrating holidays, as we've regularly seen the likes of Halloween celebrated with Doktor's Curse, Sugar Fright and more events. But Christmas, it's hardly has a look in. Though there are holiday season surprises that have still appeared from time to time in past years.

With that in mind, here's everything you need to know about a potential Rainbow Six Siege Christmas Event in 2021.


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Rainbow Six Siege Christmas Event 2021 - Start Date

14 December 2021 -

What time does Rainbow Six Siege Snow Brawl start? Ubisoft hasn't said a specific time but there is a new patch being deployed today, and it's likely going to go live once the new update has been released.


The Y6S4.1 patch will be deployed on all platforms (PC, Xbox, PlayStation) at the following time: 09:00 EST / 14:00 UTC.

Downtime for this update is expected to take 1 hour, but Snow Brawl should be available once it's been deployed. Have fun and watch your six for snowballs!

Siege Snow Brawl Event Start Time


13 December 2021 -

Update: Now it's all been announced. Rainbow Six Siege is hosting a snowball fight of sorts, complete with a new Capture-the-Flag game mode. Players can also play during the event to get a free event pack. The event starts tomorrow on December 14th and lasts until January 4, so you've plenty of time to enjoy this LTM before it's removed. Have a watch of the new trailer, just below:

At the time of writing, we've yet to see any news on a Christmas event for Rainbow Six Siege. However, if there is anything, information will likely come later this week, so we'll keep you informed.


Rainbow Six Siege Christmas Event 2021 - Start Date

Even if there is nothing announced yet for the Christmas event in Rainbow Six Siege, a Holiday pack for the game was released in past years.

In 2020 though, players weren't simply gifted the Holiday pack, they needed to play the limited-time Legacy Arcade mode.

The event itself took place from December 17 2020 until January 5 2021. So assuming Ubisoft sticks to a similar schedule, expect the holiday shenanigans to return around December 16.


Rainbow Six Siege Christmas Event 2021 - Rewards

As mentioned, the holiday pack released last year had some new content being introduced such as skins. Last year saw the arrival of the Toy Crafter skin and Jolly Bonnet for Ash, and we may see some Christmas-themed skins and stuff for the game.

Here's the full lowdown on how Arcade Mode works:

For this Arcade, you will have to play as one of the 20 operators from our main roster. Whether Sledge, Ash, Thatcher, IQ or Twitch, your choice will reflect the landscape of our first year.

Though your Operators will have their current abilities, all of your secondary gadgets will be fitting the original loadout of the game. That means no claymore, no impact or anything that was released later in the game. That also means that Ash, Bandit and Jager’s weapons will get back the scopes 2.5x(ACOG) they had upon release. The only exception being the deployable shields, which will remain the current ones.

This Arcade’s game mode will be Plant Bomb in Casual Rules. You will be rotating between Attack and Defense at the end of every round.

And our blast to the past wouldn’t be complete without the roster to match the nostalgia. You will be able to play on Hereford Base and House in their original layout as well as on Plane!