Rainbow Six Extraction Preload Guide

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Rainbow Six Quarantine is now known as Rainbow Six Extraction, and it's coming soon - very soon, in fact, with Ubisoft's PvE shooter launching on September 16th.

While Stadia and GeForce Now players can jump into the game on launch day, most of us will need to download it on our consoles or PC. Thankfully, the game is starting to arrive on various storefronts with pre-load functionality.


Here's how to pre-load the game.

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Rainbow Six Extraction Pre-Load Guide

Pre-Load on PC

If you're on PC, you can purchase the game on multiple launchers but it's only Ubisoft's own Connect storefront that'll offer pre-loading.


Unfortunately, it's not live yet, but we'll update this page closer to launch.

Pre-Load on PlayStation

PlayStation gamers can pre-order the game, but they can't pre-load it yet.

We'll update this as we hear more.


Pre-Load on Xbox

As mentioned in Major Nelson's blog, Extraction is already available to pre-load on Xbox.

It won't be playable until launch, of course, and while the entire game won't download (it's still being worked on, after all), you'll be able to install a chunk of it early and see the full version downloaded prior to launch.

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