Rainbow Six Extraction Pushed Consoles "To the Limit”, Claims Director

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Rainbow Six Extraction is out today, offering a 3-playerco-op experience. However, if you're hoping to play this in local split-screen with friends, you're out of luck. Speaking with creative director Patrik Méthé, he confirmed it'd be "fun to have it" but there's good reason for this exclusion.

Talking exclusively to Gfinity in a recent interview, we asked Méthé if there's split-screen co-op, and if not, whether Ubisoft would look to add it. He provided this statement:

There is no split screen and although it would be fun to have it, we’re already pushing the consoles to the limit with the amount of enemies and the special effects on screen so it won’t happen.

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Rainbow Six Extraction Pushed Consoles "To the Limit,” Claims Director

Evidently, there's some hardware limitations to work around. During the same interview, Méthé outlined Extraction's framerate, advising last-gen consoles are running at 30fps. He also confirmed they've got a "very generous post-launch plan" in place, offering new modes, operators, and more.

We enjoyed Extraction in our recent review, calling it "great fun" and a "a uniquely enjoyable entry in Team Rainbow’s history," scoring it 3.5/5.

Rainbow Six Extraction releases today across PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Game Pass, Google Stadia, and Amazon Luna. We’ve got the full launch details here, and if you've already started playing, why not check out our guides coverage for further assistance.

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