29 Jun 2021 9:32 AM +00:00

Is Rainbow Six Extraction Coming To Xbox Game Pass?

Rainbow Six Quarantine is now known as Rainbow Six Extraction, and it's coming soon - very soon, in fact, with Ubisoft's PvE shooter launching on September 16th.

As with many big releases in recent months though, many are wondering if the game will debut on Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass service. After all, we've seen other shooters launch on the service like Outriders, and the likes of Back 4 Blood are arriving later in 2021.

Here's all we know so far.

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Is Rainbow Six Extraction Coming To Xbox Game Pass?

In truth, it's a little too early to tell - but it's unlikely. Multiple sources have claimed that day one Game Pass deals happen close to release once publishers have an idea about pre-order numbers and the like, so there's the potential for Ubisoft and Microsoft to make an announcement closer to release.

That said, Rainbow Six has become one of Ubisoft's premier franchises, meaning it'd be unlikely the publisher wouldn't want the sizeable revenue spike it'd get - or that Microsoft would have to drop a load of cash to secure it. Still, stranger things have happened.

One place Rainbow Six Extraction will be available on day one is on Ubisoft's own monthly service, Ubisoft+. While only available on PC, it offers unlimited Ubisoft games and DLC, including new releases for £12.99 per month.