Does Rainbow Six Extraction Support Offline Play?

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Rainbow Six Quarantine is now known as Rainbow Six Extraction, and it's coming soon - very soon, in fact, with Ubisoft's PvE shooter launching on September 16th.

Unlike Siege, the game is a co-op experience, and instead of Attackers vs Defenders, players step into the roles of their favourite Operators against a new alien threat. If you want to play solo, though, here's all we know about whether Extraction is playable offline?

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Does Rainbow Six Extraction Support Offline Play?

In truth, it's hard to tell at present. All we've seen from Ubisoft has highlighted how the game is a co-op title with a focus on teamplay and communication.

That's not to say it won't be playable offline, though. Rainbow Six: Siege added the option to play offline post-launch, and while it was restricted to the game's 'Situations' (essentially tutorials), that's not to say it couldn't happen in Extraction, too.

For what it's worth, the game's PlayStation Store listing notes that the game requires PS Plus for online play, but doesn't note that the game is online only.

Conversely, something like Destiny 2 specifically notes 'Requires broadband internet'.