Rainbow Six Extraction: How to Use The Buddy Pass

The Liberty Statue can be seen on the Liberty Island Containment Zone in the New York region of Rainbow Six Extraction.

The Liberty Statue can be seen on the Liberty Island Containment Zone in the New York region of Rainbow Six Extraction.
January 20, 2022: Ubisoft have announced that use of the Buddy Pass will be delayed until 'shortly after' release.

Rainbow Six Extraction is the first new game in the Rainbow Six series' since Siege in 2015. As a Siege spin-off, featuring the same Operators and weapons in an entirely new environment, the title builds upon many of it's predecessors mechanics in a new, apocalyptic setting. To get more players onboard and encourage people to squad up with their friends, Ubisoft has introduced a Buddy Pass system so everyone can get a taste of the title.

It should be noted that Rainbow Six Extraction is not a PvP game, and focuses on applying stealth and strategy to PvE gameplay instead. Players must strategise with their squads to take on Archæans, complete mission objectives, and extract safely.

While the game can be played in single-player mode, having a squad arguably makes things easier, and that's where the Buddy Pass tokens come in handy for encouraging friends to play alongside you. Here's everything you need to know about using the Buddy Pass to invite and play with friends.

An infographic explaining how the Buddy Pass system works in Rainbow Six Extraction.
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What Is A Buddy Pass

Every owner of the full version of Rainbow Six Extraction will have two Buddy Pass tokens to give to whoever they choose. The chosen ones, so to speak, will then have 14 days of access to the game without owning it, provided they play with the person who invited them.

Players using a Buddy Pass will be able to use whatever platform of their choosing, since Extraction supports cross-play, and they will have near-unlimited access to everything in the game. This excludes post-game content, ranked Maelstrom Protocol, and the in-game store where players can purchase skins and cosmetics.

How to Use A Buddy Pass

To use a Buddy Pass token in Rainbow Six Extraction, the owner of the full game (and thus, the tokens) will need to invite their chosen friends via the 'Squad' menu. Players in receipt of the Buddy Pass must have the trial version of the game installed on their chosen platform in order to accept the invite. To play at separate times, they will need an invite from the full game owner each time.

If you're the owner of Rainbow Six Extraction looking to invite your friends, here are some steps for inviting them:

  • Open 'Squad' menu.
  • Access your 'Friends' list and select who to invite.
  • Select 'Send Buddy Pass Token'.

The trial version of Rainbow Six Extraction allows players to play two hours of the game, and it is important to note that this timer is paused when playing via the Buddy Pass. Players using the Buddy Pass will also have access to any content the owner of the full-game has previously unlocked; so, for 14 full days, players using the Buddy Pass can get a real feel for the game and whether it is worth purchasing the full version.

An Operator using a smoke grenade against Grunts and a Bloater in Rainbow Six Extraction.
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Is Buddy Pass Progression Saved

If you, or your friend, chooses to purchases the full version of Rainbow Six Extraction after their Buddy Pass has expired, all Buddy Pass progress will be carried over into the full game. This includes Trophies and Achievements, too. As long as the user of the Buddy Pass uses the same Ubisoft account to purchase the full game, all progression will be saved!

That's all there is to know about the Buddy Pass and inviting friends to squad up with you in Rainbow Six Extraction using it. For those who are knew to the game or sampling it, we recommend checking our our tips and tricks, favourite weapons, and best Operators to play with. Over at RealSport, we've got guides on How to Capture Elites, and How to Heal Operators.

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