PUBG Mobile Season 12: Where to drop in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds on iOS and Android

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PUBG Season 12 is coming, and that means the game is likely to get even more popular.

With popularity comes added challenge, as there will be more players standing between you and your very own Chicken Dinner.


Here's where to land in the battle royale hit on mobile.

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Where To Land In PUBG Mobile

It all depends on you, really.


No matter which map you play on, there are always places where other players are almost guaranteed to drop – usually any of the named locations on the plane's flightpath.

If you're a less confident player, consider dropping as far from named locations as possible. Loot will be more scarce, but so will the enemy activity.

If you do land in a built-up and heavily populated area, consider sticking to the edges.

Another option is using your initial drop to get as far across the map as possible so you can loot in relative peace, and then find a vehicle to escape the incoming blue wall of death.


Wherever you drop, good luck!