PUBG Mobile: Stopping Cheaters With Industry-Leading Anti-Cheat System - But How Does It Work?

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PUBG Mobile announced Project: Ban Pan back in December of last year. It's an anti-cheat system that gets a daily update to tackle the ever-evolving cheating, and it's coming with the Season 12 update. Here's everything you need to know!

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What is Project: Ban Pan?

Project Ban Pan is a new system to combat cheaters in PUBG. When a player uses cheating software they leave traces on the client, the game engine layer, and the bottom layer of the system.

Some clever cookies at PUBG have developed technology capable of detecting the above traces. 

The software can monitor the cheater's movement information, character status, and firing information, with highly-precise monitoring of time and coordinates.



Can Project: Ban Pan tell the difference between A highly-skilled player and a cheater?

Although cheaters behave similarly to high-skilled players in some games, in most cases the new software will be able to detect a cheater.

If for any reason the cheater hasn't been detected, players will soon be able to submit suspicious footage from their Death Replay to the new anti-cheating service support team.


When is Death Replay coming?

The new Death Replay feature is coming on March 3rd it will allow players to immediately see how they were killed, and should help weed out even more cheaters.

How do I file a report against a possible cheater?

Players can file their reports over on the PUBG Mobile Safety Station website and even verify whether their action has resulted in a punishment.


What happens when the anti-cheat system or a player gets it wrong?

A new customer service system is currently under internal testing that will allow players to query their ban. This is set to be introduced to players gradually in the near future.

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Written byLiam Bartlett@LiamABartlett