21 Apr 2021 10:12 AM +00:00

PUBG Update 11.2 Now Live On PC Test Servers

After previously confirming that PUBG's Season 11 Survivor Pass would launch during April, PUBG Studio's now officially released Update 11.2 on PC test servers.

Due to hit live servers next week, this has been titled "Survivor Pass: Pajama Party", which officially begins on April 28th and ends on June 9th. Featuring a range of slumber party themed rewards, that includes a set of new outfits and weapon skins, boosted by a fresh set of missions to complete throughout this new pass.

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PUBG Update 11.2 Now Live On PC Test Servers

As part of this, Erangel is receiving significant changes for both Military Island bridges, following on from previous player feedback. You can now mount an assault through the new catwalks, set up defences with additional cover, and both bridges have also been widened.


Otherwise, you can expect new performance and quality of life improvements, such as balance adjustments for drive-by shooting. Changes to the Reputation System are also planned, stopping players from consistently targeting another to reduce their reputation.

For the full list of changes, the patch notes are up on Steam.