PUBG Season 7: Console gamers getting big updates this year on PS4 and Xbox One

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PUBG Season 7 launches on console this week, but there's plenty more for players to look forward to.

Fresh off of the developers' open letter regarding updates and changes coming to the PC version, PUBG Corp has released another focusing on console players.


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According to the letter, which you can find here, there are five areas that the console development team is focusing on in 2020. We've put a brief rundown of the changes below, but we'd advise you read the full post.

All of these changes are very welcome


The team is focused on fixing issues like low FPS and slowly rendering buildings, something that has plagued PUBG since its console debut. They're also focusing on memory optimisation and preventing hitching.

Consider how long the game has been out, we hope it'll work.

Content Gap


New modes are coming, along with an Observer Mode, and customisation options for custom matches. PUBG Labs is also slated to arrive on console in 2020, allowing players to enjoy new content pre-release.

Console Specific Balancing

Various weapon and vehicle balancing is coming, specifically suited to playing on console. That includes the M249 being nerfed by adding recoil, or fixing the amount of damage taken when in a car that hits something.



Anti-Cheat methods are coming, but this is still very much in the planning stage with some testing of solutions to common issues like Radar Hacks. Oh, and DDoS attacks are being looked at to see if the game can be better protected from them.


"In 2020, one of the dev team’s top priorities is coming up with ways to better communicate with our players. We’re aiming to pursue an “Open Dev” philosophy, where we give our community a deeper look into what the dev team is working on, as well as provide better understanding of what our intentions are as we service our game."