PUBG Season 12 For PC, Xbox And PlayStation: Everything You Need To Know

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Season 12 of PUBG on PC, Xbox and PlayStation is coming soon.

Season 11 is coming to an end soon and we'll be getting information on the next phase in PUBG's lifespan.

Table of Contents

The following leaks come courtesy of @PlayerIGN.


Release Date

It's expected to release on the 2nd June 2021.

Latest News

New Loading Screen And Lobby Music.

New Features

Here are some new features expected to arrive in the new season:

  • New-Currency Type Items
  • Battlestat Exchange Kit

New Weapons

The Lynx AMR is rumoured to be the new weapon coming to PUBG.

This anti-material rifle is designed to destroy unarmored and lightly armoured targets.

It takes new .50 caliber ammunition.

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There's also a new shotgun - the S12 Origin.

Replaces previous Saiga12.

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New Skins

Skins are getting some exciting updates including:

  • Weapon Skin Upgrade System
  • Progressive Skins
  • Skin Upgrades for Attachments

New skins include:

  • El Solitario (this season's partnership)
  • PCS4
  • Chain Gang, Urban Hunter, Psycho Killer, and Plaid to the Bone
  • Contrabands & first "progressive" skin
  • Vigilante and Blood Hound sets
  • CNH's Bundle
  • 4 new nameplates
  • 3 new dances
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New Vehicles

The new season will introduce two new vehicles including the Roadster Motorcycle and Quad.

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Death Race Mode

It also appears a new 'Racing Mode' will be added to the game called 'Death Race'.


This will take place in Miramar and be available in PUBG Labs.

The first team to cross the finish line wins, players can select their weapon and vehicle.

Map Changes

Miramar is getting a Remaster, although little has actually changed.

This should arrive in Season 12.