PUBG Season 11 LEAKS: Release Date, Content and More

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PUBG Season 11 is fast approaching. We can't wait to see what the developers have planned!

Here's what we know so far...



Leaker @PlayerIGN on twitter has shown off some content we may be getting in the new Season. 

As you can see from the image above, it seems there will be a large focus on the story / lore of Battlegrounds.


They say we'll be expereincing the story in a "brand new form". 

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Although there is no information as to what this may be, we hope BlueHole have some big plans for Season 11 of PUBG.

What to Expect

As mentioned BlueHole plan to add lots more story content in the upcoming season.


The developers have said that 2020 was used for exploring new ideas and testing performance. For this reason, we'd love to see a larger focus on gameplay updates and cosmetic improvement in Season 11.

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We may also get new content like new weapons/maps, but thtere is still little information regarding the upcoming season.

Release Date

Season 11 of PUBG is expected to release on 31st March 2021. 


However, the new content will be live on the Test Servers around the 24th March. (Dates may change depending on your timezone)

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We can expect this same content to hit the console port of the game at the same time.