PUBG Mobile Season 19 Week 7 RP Missions Guide

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The PUBG Mobile Season 19 Week 7 RP missions list represents the penultimate collection of challenges. Time is officially running out, so if you have any outstanding missions from previous weeks to clear, be sure to check out our other guides so that you don't miss out on any of that valuable RP. Read on to find out which challenges await and how to clear the PUBG Mobile Season 19 Week 7 RP missions with ease.

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PUBG Mobile Season 19 Week 7 RP Missions - Free Mission List

PUBG Man holding a drinks can with another, smaller player on top of it.

Travel more than 30,000m while operating any vehicle in Classic mode.


The classic PUBG Mobile roadtrip returns. 30,000m is a long way, and while it will certainly happen naturally after playing enough matches, getting it done in one or two can put your mind at ease.

Be sure to hit up farms, towns, and outposts to find a vehicle as quickly as possible. As the ring shrinks, clocking 30,000m without coming under heavy fire can get difficult. If you want to go for speed, look for the coupe by the southern bridges in Erangel and put the pedal to the mettle.

Choice Mission 1

  • Kill 6 enemies with Shotguns in Livik in Classic mode.
    • Livik's 2x2 size means close-range combat is a frequent sight. Shotguns shine here. Keep to houses and hug their walls if outside and you should have plenty of opportunities to knock someone down in a single shot.
  • Kill 6 enemies with Shotguns in Miramar in Classic mode.
    • Smaller spaces like Pecado are best for this. Stay in and around the houses and keep an SMG handy for any mid-range assailants. Steer clear of any camps on the low ground. The open space around won't do you any favors.
  • Kill 6 enemies with Shotguns in Erangel in Classic mode.
    • Water Town, School, and Prison are all good shotgun locations to hit up. Where there's loot, there's a target. The same rules apply: stay indoors, hug walls, and keep an SMG handy if you need to run between buildings.

Choice Mission 2

  • Eliminate 150 enemies with M16A4 in Arena.
    • The M16A4 is more suited to long-range fights, which are rare in Arena. Without a full auto mode, it rarely stands a chance against other weapons close up. Ruins is the better map pick for this one.
  • Kill 15 enemies with M16A4 in Classic mode.
    • With only single and burst shot modes available, the M16A4 is a long-range assault rifle that needs a 4x scope to shine. With one, you can treat it like a sniper rifle with a high rate of fire. Just don't expect long-range miracles.

Pick up Compensator in 20 matches in Classic mode.

Compensators are used on some of the top PUBG Mobile assault rifles to reduce their recoil. Verticle recoil is reduced the most, with horizontal recoil seeing a benefit as well.

If you're particularly well-adjusted to your preffered AR, suddenly using a compensator may actually be detrimental to your performance. If you'd rather not rely on one, simply pick one up and immediately drop it.

PUBG Mobile Season 19 Week 7 RP Missions - Elite Mission List

A selection of the PUBG Mobile Season 19 rewards.

Carry Mosin Nagant Sniper Rifle for more than 60 minutes in Classic mode


The Mosin Nagant sniper rifle can be found on Vikendi and Erangel. After the weapon parity update, this specific gun became a new-look Kar98K. It deals the same amount of damage, recoils the same way, and features the same bolt-action reload mechanism.

The only difference is the look and sound. It's just as common at the Kar98K, so this mission is all about giving it a try.

Choice Mission 3

  • Kill 5 enemies in a single match in Classic mode.
    • So long as you're not camping your way to a Top 10 finish, five kills shouldn't be out of the ordinary for most players. Don't think you need to hot drop, either. That's only really necessary for double-digit kill counts.
  • Kill more than 12 players in a single match in Arena.
    • This shouldn't be too difficult so long as you play to each map's strengths. Warehouse is great for SMGs, Ruins is a solid AR training ground, and the Domination map is a little of both depending on where the capture zone is.
  • Complete 2 Brothers in Arms matches.
    • If you're a new player just learning the ropes or a veteran able to teach, Brothers in Arms will get this choice mission done fast. You'll get that warm, fuzzy feeling as well.

Choice Mission 4

  • Eliminate 200 enemies with the SCAR-L in Arena
    • The SCAR-L is way up there in our PUBG Mobile AR tier list. It's a popular, balanced weapon that gets the job done. In arena, just don't get too close and you'll get those kills no problem.
  • Kill 20 enemies with SCAR-L in Classic mode.
    • While you'll have no trouble netting kills with this top AR, finding one is a little more involved. The SCAR-L only drops around Erangel, Miramar, and Livik. The latter is SMG territory, so opt for the larger maps for this one.

In Classic mode, open Air Drops 10 times as a squad

This is a bit of a double-edged sword. Opening air drops as a solo player is hard enough already. Having a group might sound like it can make things easier, but it means you're to expect even more potential assailants at each air drop too. It won't matter who opens it--it'll count for everyone in the group--but even getting to the box can be difficult.

Like in solo play, use smoke grenades and a car to get in close. Maybe have two people drive down, drop smokes, then have one loot while the other drives around as a distraction. If you're in quads, have two lookouts perched on the high ground around the box.