PUBG Mobile Season 19 Week 6 RP Missions Guide

As the end gets closer, the missions get harder. PUBG Mobile Season 19 Week 6 mission certainly isn't the hardest set of objectives we've ever had, but it's certainly not the easiest. Here are all the PUBG Mobile Season 19 Week 6 RP missions and a bunch of tips and tricks to guide you through them.

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PUBG Mobile Season 19 Week 6 RP Missions - Free Mission List

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Defeat 24 enemies in a room or on a rooftop in Classic mode

If you still have a rooftop landing mission to finish off this season, this can help with that. Pick a high-tier location and you're sure to find competition.

If not, just pair this with the shotgun and SMG missions below. Both weapons shine in close-quarters combat situations like rooms, so it should happen naturally as you go to complete them.

Choice Mission 1

  • Kill 8 enemies with Bolt Action Rifles in Miramar in Classic mode.
    • Land in a smaller town or outpost like La Bendita, Junkyard, or outside Pecado to quickly find a Kar98K. It packs a punch in the opening minutes.
  • Kill 8 enemies with Bolt Action Rifles in Sanhok in Classic mode.
    • Avoid closed spaces like Bootcamp and Paradise Resort when looking for a bolt action rifle like the Kar98K. Stick to the smaller camps around the hills.
  • Kill 8 enemies with Bolt Action Rifles in Erangel in Classic mode.
    • You want to stay on high ground when looking for a bolt-action rifle here. Think the north stretch of Georgopol and you'll understand why.

Hit players with the FAMAS 120 times in Classic mode.

Now here's a new one. You don't have to outright kill a player with the FAMAS to complete this mission: you just need to land shots.

With the FAMAS being one of the best PUBG Mobile ARs, getting kills won't be hard, but this is all about just dealing damage over a certain period.

It's exclusive to Livik and works well on the smaller map, so land around Blomster, grab the gun and get to work.

Pick up Smoke Grenade in 20 matches in Classic mode.

Smoke grenades are everywhere. They really are. Like any previous mission in this slot, it's all about teaching you to use a common item--or at least acknowledge its existence.

Smoke grenades can help you engage, disengage, escape, and even loot an airdrop. You'll benefit from knowing how to use these things, and you can thank the mission when you grab some great loot because of one.

PUBG Mobile Season 19 Week 6 RP Missions - Elite Mission List

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Choice Mission 2

  • Kill 6 enemies with S686 in Classic mode.
    • The S686 drops on any map. This classic clay pigeon shooter won't get you far later in the game, but this common weapon can rack up the kills early on.
  • Kill 6 enemies with S1897 in Classic mode.
    • Another common shotgun that drops on any map, the S1897's wide spread can be tamed with a choke to increase its range. It's all about personal preference.
  • Kill 6 enemies with S12K in Classic Mode.
    • If you struggle to hit your target with other shotguns, the semi-auto nature of the S12K might help you clear this mission. It's especially great in squad matches

Choice Mission 3

  • Kill 15 enemies with UZI in Classic mode.
    • This tiny SMG fires fast enough to beat most other SMGs. You'll find it on any map, but Livik should yield more consistent results.
  • Eliminate 180 enemies with the UZI in Arena.
    • In arena matches, you want to hug the corners and get in close with the UZI to minimize the accuracy loss you lose to its high fire rate and recoil.

Finish in the Top 3 with Friends 3 times in Classic mode

This isn't as easy as simply being in a random squad. You need to have the players on your friend list, and you can only really do that after meeting strangers in a squad queue.

That being said, if you do manage a Top 3 finish in a squad match with strangers, you're all going to want to replicate that victory. Add each other and queue again.

If you prefer things to be more personal, look for people to play with on the official PUBG Mobile Discord. Add them to your friend list, team up and go.

In Classic mode, pick up the Flare Gun in 8 matches in a squad

When it comes to how to find the Flare Gun in PUBG Mobile, there's really no easy way. It's used to call in a box of some of the best loot in the game straight on top of your head, so it's easy to understand why it's a rarity that's always being hunted.

The increase your chances of finding the flare gun, you and your team will need to hit up high-tier loot locations often. The sooner you get there, the better you chances.

Military Base, Los Leones, and Volnova are all prime examples. Just be ready to face the consequences of your actions.

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