PUBG Mobile Season 19 Week 4 RP Missions Guide

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Now that we’re halfway through PUBG Mobile Season 19, it’s time for the missions to heat up a little. There’s nothing to truly separate the novices from the pros this time around, but you’ll need to be adept in a variety of weapon types to clear the lot. Here are all the PUBG Mobile Season 19 Week 4 RP missions and a bunch of tips and tricks to guide you through them.

PUBG Mobile Season 19 Week 4 RP Missions - Free Mission List

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Kill 9 enemies with headshots in Classic mode

There’s a good chance you’ll be thinking of a sniper rifle right now, but there’s really no need to. Assault rifles, SMGs, and other full-auto weapons have such strong recoil that anyone going for a body shot at close enough range will probably kill their target with an accidental headshot as the gun kicks back. So long as the headshot is the killing blow, how you manage it doesn’t matter. There are plenty of weeks left to clear this. If you’re not an avid marksman, don’t worry about it. It’ll happen on it’s own.

Choice Mission 1

  • Kill 18 enemies with SMGs in Los Leones (Miramar) in Classic mode.
    • Hit up the southern cluster of buildings along the main road for this one. It’s an SMG paradise.
  • Kill 18 enemies with SMGs in Sosnovka Military Base (Erangel) in Classic mode.
    • A fine pick if you’re confident in your dueling skill. Stick to the east for some real close-quarters combat. Otherwise, head to the northern section for some fantastic loot (and lots of targets).
  • Kill 18 enemies with SMGs in Paradise Resort (Sanhok) in Classic mode.
  • Paradise Resort looks like a perfect SMG firing zone, but it’s potentially best for shotguns. They’ll inch out here in most cases, so you’ll need to get the drop on people.

Pick up Suppressor in 20 matches in Classic mode

As is the case with these weekly equipment missions, there’s no trick to completing this one. Suppressors are everywhere. You’ll typically pick one up naturally so long as you have auto-pickup enabled. Though suppressors go a long way in hiding your position throughout the match, you don’t need to keep one for the mission to clear. If you need the bag space for something else or prefer another muzzle attachment, feel free to drop it.


In Classic mode eliminate players with vehicles 6 times as a Squad

The main thing to note with this one is that you don’t have to have your whole squad in the car as you run someone over. Just being in a Squad mode is enough. Feel free to whack someone with a vehicle as you make your way to the rest of the team. It’ll count. To better your chances, don’t try to swerve at the last minute. The player will anticipate that. Just drive head-on.

PUBG Mobile Season 19 Week 4 RP Missions - Elite Mission List

PUBG Mobile Season 19 rewards.

Choice Mission 2

  • Kill 2 enemies with Grenades from 18 meters away in Classic mode.
    • Most grenade kills aren’t surprise pineapples through a sniper nest window. When a target is pinned and it looks like whoever springs out of cover first will lose, cook a grenade and toss it over your cover and behind your target. Chances are they’ll have no choice but to take the hit.
  • Destroy 10 vehicles tires in Classic mode.
    • Similar to the headshot mission, just don’t overthink this one. The vehicle doesn’t have to be in use for this to count. Destroy the tires of a car you come across or puncture those of a car you don’t need anymore. If anything, it’ll stop a future enemy from using it against you.
  • Give 20 LIKEs to teammates
  • You give LIKEs on the team results screen at the end of a squad match by tapping the THUMBS UP button by each player. For the purpose of this mission, LIKE anyone and everyone you play with.

Choice Mission 3

  • Eliminate 50 enemies with the M24 in Arena
    • The M24 is one of the better sniper rifles in the game, but it’s a rare sight as well. That’s not a problem in Arena, but finding reliable vantage points can be. The corridor of Ruins is a good shout, though.
  • Kill 6 enemies with M24 in Classic mode.
    • The M24 is a relatively rare find in Classic mode, but it’s available on every map outside of aid drops. Hit up settlements and towns to stand the best chance of coming across one. Grab something like a 4x scope and take it to the rooftops to secure the kills.

Use Adrenaline Syringe 10 times in Classic mode

Adrenaline Syringes aren’t particularly common. And that’s because they’re incredibly useful. This item can kick your energy from zero straight into the health regen threshold without needing multiple doses like with energy drinks and painkillers. You won’t find them in any one location, so just make sure you’re exploring the map as opposed to only moving with the ring.

Kill an enemy from 100 meters away 3 times in Classic mode

There are a few different ways to achieve this. Snipers are the most obvious solution, but assault rifles and LMGs can also get the job done without too much friction. With the right scope, either of these two weapon types can knock a target over from 100 meters: the former will just need more rounds to account for damage drop-off. Taking an LMG with a 4x scope to a hill is usually enough. Just go prone to offset the recoil and you’ll be able to rip a distant target apart like paper.