PUBG Mobile Season 12 Royale Pass Tier Rewards For iOS and Android

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Season 12 in PUBG Mobile has begun and with it a new Royale Pass has arrived!

So what rewards are on offer?


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PUBG Mobile Season 12 Royale Pass Tier Rewards

Here is everything from the brand new Royale Pass:

Tier 1-5

Tier 5-9


Tier 10-13

Tier 14-17


Tier 18-21


Tier 22-25

Tier 26-30

Tier 31-33

Tier 34-37


Tier 39-43

Tier 44-48

Tier 49-53



Tier 54-57

Tier 58-62

Tier 63-67

Tier 68-71


Tier 72-75

Tier 76-79

Tier 80-83



Tier 84-88

Tier 89-92

Tier 93-96

Tier 97-100