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PUBG Mobile Redeem Codes For June 2021 And How To Redeem Them

PUBG Mobile Promo Codes updated with active and expired codes for June 1st

Original Story - PUBG Mobile is one of the biggest mobile esports games to date. It could be considered as one of the pioneers of the battle-royale genre, and also it is no stranger to the redemption system that is becoming more popular on video games nowadays.

Of course, we all want freebies in games, right? Luckily, PUBG Mobile lets players claim those through the redeem codes which may grant various prizes such as character and gun skins, outfits, and redeem cards to name a few.

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So, stick around as we give you all the redeem codes in PUBG Mobile for June 2021, and how you can use them.


How To Redeem Codes In PUBG Mobile

To use the redeem codes mentioned below, open PUBG Mobile and copy your character ID. You may do so by heading to the top left corner of the menu just beside your profile icon.

Then go to the PUBG Mobile redemption center website and type the code you wish to use. Look for your verification code and finish by selecting Redeem. Once you open your game, you may now enjoy the rewards sent to your inbox.

Once again, here are the steps you need to take:

  1. Open the PUBG Mobile redemption centre
  2. In the first blank with your account's character ID
  3. In the second blank, type in the redemption code
  4. In the third blank, type in the verification code, then select Redeem
  5. Open the game and the rewards should be in your Mail

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PUBG Mobile Redeem Codes for June 2021

Here are all the redeem codes in PUBG Mobile for June 2021.

  • MAY25PUBGMOBILE (Rewards: 1 Aircraft Pilot License, "What?" Graffiti)
  • MONSTERDETECTED (Rewards: 1 Aircraft Pilot License, "What?" Graffiti)
  • TITANSLASTSTAND (Rewards:1 Aircraft Pilot License, "Follow Me" Graffiti )
  • GODZILLAVSKONG (Rewards: 1 Aircraft Pilot License, "Curious" Graffiti)
  • GODZILLAKONG (Rewards: 1 Aircraft Pilot License, 3 Silver)
  • DKJU9GTDSM (Rewards: Silver Fragments)
  • PUBGM GROZA (Rewards: The Skulls – Groza)
  • DKJU5LMBPY (Rewards: Silver Fragments)
  • BUNNY GACHA (Rewards: Bowknot Parachute and 1 Lucky Coin)
  • HAPPYEASTER (Rewards: Rugged Kar98K Skin)
  • PUBGM98K (Rewards: Rugged Kar98K Skin)
  • PGHZDBTFZ95U (Rewards: M416 Skin)
  • D70FYU5N0
  • TIFZQZANGC (Rewards: Legendary Outfit)
  • S78FTU2XJ (Rewards: M416 Skin)
  • TIFZBHZK4A (Rewards: Legendary Outfit)
  • BEAUTY (Rewards: Duelist Set)
  • PEACE (Rewards: Piglet Set)
  • HEALTH (Rewards: Combat Driver Set)
  • LUCKY (Rewards: Combat Driver Set)
  • HAPPINESS (Rewards: Underground Crew Set)
  • LOSTFREQPUBGM (Rewards: Lost Frequencies song)
  • RAMADANMUBARAK (Rewards: Jester Hero Headgear)
  • RAMADANKAREEM (Rewards: Duelist Set)
  • GPHZDBTFZ (Rewards: Scar-L Gun Skin)
  • BBKVZBZ6FW (Rewards: PUBG Cannon Popularity)
  • UKUZBZGWF (Rewards: Free Fireworks)
  • KARZBZYTR (Rewards: Kar98 skin)
  • QEJZLCIZ5M4 (Rewards: Gold AKM Skin)
  • R89FPLM9S (Rewaards: Companion)
  • EKJONARKJO (Rewards: M416 Gun Skin)
  • UCBYSD600 (Rewards: 600 UC Redeem Code)
  • MIDASBUY (Rewards: Free Namecard and Room Card)
  • TIFZBIZACZG (Rewards: Legendary Outfit)
  • TIFZBJZWMN (Rewards: Legendary Outfit)
  • BBKTZEZET3 (Rewards: Legendary Outfit)
  • GOODMORNING (Rewards: 2021 Fireworks Gift)
  • SD16Z66XHH (Rewards: Kar98 Gun Skin) 
  • RAAZBZJGS (Rewards: Orange M416 Skin)
  • BBKRZBZBF9 (Rewards: UMP-45 Gun Skin)
  • BAPPZBZXF5 (Rewards: UMP-45 Gun Skin)
  • BBVNZBZ4M9 (Rewards: 2 Red Tea Popularity)

PUBG Mobile Rename Card Redeem Codes for May 2021

Additionally, you can also use redeem codes to claim Rename Cards in PUBG Mobile. A Rename Card is used if you wish to change your in-game name, especially if you are joining a clan in the game. But you should take note that only the first 1000 players who use these redeem codes would be able to notch the prize, so hurry and use any one of these quickly!

  • P78A4VLHX236C
  • 8CZ16GFYZX10Y
  • 234V161OVWJ04
  • 2JTB6SA87SRM0
  • SN78D872YJIVX