PUBG Mobile Season 12: How to spend BP in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds on iOS and Android

PUBG Season 12 is quickly creeping up on us - which means fresh new gear to be earned.

If you're an expert battle royale fan, or a newcomer jumping in for the new season, here's how to spend Battle Points – the game's earnable currency.

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What is BP?

BP, or Battle Points, is PUBG Mobile's currency that can be earned by completing matches, missions, or more.

After each match, you'll earn an amount of BP which can only be used to buy Soldier Crates and change your avatar's appearance or gender.

How To Spend BP In PUBG Mobile

Spending BP is easy.

  1. Open the game on your device and navigate to the shop.
  2. Select Crates, and then Soldier Crate to unlock a randomised drop of gear. You can actually dismantle this gear to be able to redeem coins in the Limited Time store.
  3. You can also customise your character's appearance, including changing gender.

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