For Some Reason, The New PUBG Mobile Jurassic Wrath Event Skin Is Exclusive to the Americas

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On the back of the big Godzilla vs Kong PUBG Mobile event, the ever-popular mobile battle royale game is still embracing all things huge. On June 3, the PUBG Mobile Jurassic Wrath event kicks off. Its main hook? An exclusive Dinosaur Jockey skin for "as low as 1400 UC." But there's a catch. Because there's always a catch.

The PUBG Mobile Jurassic Wrath event was announced across the game's social media channels yesterday evening. There's nothing out of the ordinary about that, but the clarification it offered many hours later was far from expected. For one reason or another, the Jurassic Wrath event is only available in North and South America, meaning most won't be able to add the Dinosaur Jockey skin to their collection.

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What Is the PUBG Mobile Jurassic Wrath Event?

Fret not, though: players in other regions won't be missing out on any new modes or gameplay additions. Jurassic Wrath is simply a skin pre-sale event, meaning its sole purpose is to sell new skins for a slight discount to those who pre-purchase.

Whether you pre-order or not, though, you'll still need to complete event missions to claim the full discount, potentially bringing the full price of the Dinosaur Jockey Set down to 1400 UC.

Throughout the event, any player can attempt to gather up five Predator Crystals from the Predator Crystal and Ultimate Predator Crystal draws for a final reward. The former has a slim chance of dropping said Predator Crystals at 30 UC a pull, whereas the Ultimate Predator Crystal draw guarantees one per pull for 400 UC before any earned discounts are applied.


How to Access the Jurassic Wrath Event Outside America

Despite being supposedly locked to North and South America, though, VPN users can seemingly grab the skin and run. Just like the Ramadan log-in event from a few years back, the location check appears to be IP-based rather than server-based. Anyone afraid of the big, bad PUBG Mobile ban pan should probably let this event slide, though. A paid skin isn't worth the headache of trying to recover a banned account

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