PUBG: Latest Patch Adds Bots and Balances Beloved Weapon

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PUBGs 7.2 patch is now live on the test server, and it will come as a shock to some players, especially those using the M4A1. The update brings nerfs, bots and a ranked mode!

The patch will go live on PC on May 20th


The patch notes explain that the new bots are specifically designed to help 'lower-skill' players learn the ropes.

Which is better than being thrown into the lion's den, new players will now be placed in games that mix bots with other players of a similar level.

Interestingly, the ratio of bots will scale with skill, so the better players get at the game the fewer bots they’ll be up against.


The Dreaded Nerf

Bad news M4A1 fans, the most popular assault rifle just took a major nerfing.

The weapon just lost some base damage, some muzzle velocity, and will now deal less damage at long ranges.


Now for some good news. The new ranked mode will have a new rule set separate from the normal game mode.

Every ranked match will be hosted at random on Erangel, Miramar, or Sanhok.

There will be much more overall loot, with a higher emphasis on better loot like assault rifles.

There will be no Red Zones in ranked play, which is actually a feature that players have been demanding for around two years, and the Blue Zone will move slightly faster to increase the pace of games.

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