PUBG: Karakin May Receive Weapon Balancing With The Removal Of Popular Weapons

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With the release of the new PUBG map Karakin, there has already been some heated debate on what weapons should spawn on the map.

A post from Reddit has unearthed a lot of opinions regarding the play style that should correspond with the map and how having multiple long-ranged weapons potentially dampens the experience.


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Should Win94 be the only SR on Karakin?

A lot of players have replied to the post saying how the map would play out much better with the removal of the other snipers (here is a table to compare the sniper rifle statistics).

This is mainly due to the fact that a lot of players attempt to claim the tops of the hills with scoped snipers.



Karakin, being a small map, allows squads to kill off other players easily if they have the right scopes off the start.

The Winchester 94 already comes with a scope attachment, which is why Redditors are vouching for it to be the only sniper available, this eliminates some of the luck required in finding the right setups.

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Winchester Model 1894

Users are claiming that by only having one sniper it will open the map up to more skilled gameplay.

In its current state players are being “spammed” by long-range weapons that can be picked up straight away.



User xFate96 had this to say:

“Karakin is unbalanced with all the SRs/DMRs spawning on the map. If they make it less frequent then even people will complain if they don't find them. So removal of DMRs and just keeping Win will be perfect for a map this small.”

It will be interesting to see how/if the developers respond to this matter, having only the Winchester 94 would definitely enhance the fast-paced nature of an already small map.

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Written ByHarry Jalbertella@ImOverCharged