How to Get the RP EZ Mission License in PUBG Mobile for Free

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For Royal Pass addicts, the PUBG Mobile EZ Mission License is one of the most important and beloved items in the game. But getting it can be a little confusing. To save you from the need to sift through the game's cluttered UI, here's how to get the EZ Mission License in PUBG Mobile for free.

What is the RP EZ Mission License in PUBG Mobile?

Before learning how to get the EZ Mission License in PUBG Mobile, it's worth understanding why you might want it in the first place.

The PUBG Mobile EZ Mission License is a borderline invisible item that allows you to access RP Missions one week ahead of their official release date. With one, you're always a step ahead of other players on the mission pass, giving you an extra week to claim the additional RP you need to open the Jackpot toward the end of the season.


As most of the game's best skins are locked behind the Royale Pass, anything that reduces the time needed to unlock them is generally a big deal: and the EZ Mission License does just that.

How to Get the RP EZ Mission License in PUBG Mobile

RP EZ Mission License purchase screen in PUBG Mobile.

Unlocking the EZ Mission License is free for most people, but only after other purchases have been made. It's just one of those things.

You can outright buy access to the EZ Mission License before that point, however. If you've never bought an Elite RP Pass before, buying the EZ Mission License will set you back 300 UC.

But the secret to getting it for free lies in buying into three seasons in a row. The cost of the EZ Mission License decreases with each consecutive season, with the price changing as follows:

EZ Mission License Cost Per Consecutive Royal Pass Purchase

  • 1st Elite Royale Pass Purchase = 300 UC
  • 2nd Elite Royale Purchase = 150 UC
  • 3rd (and above) Elite Royale Purchase = Free

What this gives is a little bit of freedom. You can pair the EZ Mission License with your first and second Elite Pass purchases. Then, after buying your third Elite Royale Pass, you'll get your EZ Mission License for free for that season.


You don't have to buy the EZ Mission License at all to benefit from the price decrease. You can skip it for the first two seasons and just get the free one from your third onward.

How to Claim Your Free EZ Mission License in PUBG Mobile

How to reach the EZ Mission License screen to purchase it in PUBG Mobile.

Whichever way you want to go about getting your EZ Mission License, you just need to tap next week's mission list. Tap the EZ Mission License image where the missions would usually be and you'll be whisked to the purchase page.

Why Isn't My EZ Mission License Free?

You conditions to getting a free EZ Mission License for life means buying into every new season pass. It's only available to those who buy into three consecutive seasons. Skip a season and you'll break your streak, meaning you'll be back at that original 300 UC EZ Mission License cost.