How Many People Play PUBG in 2021?

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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, or commonly known as PUBG changed the history of gaming by making battle-royale one of the most popular game genres in the world. It was inspired from the Japanese film titled “Battle Royale,” wherein it follows a group of students forced to fight to death in order to survive.

Since PUBG’s release in 2017, gamers all around the world quickly fell in love with the game. It received both mainstream and critical acclaim, especially because of the genre and gameplay it introduced. The game was so phenomenal that countries like India and Pakistan banned the game because their players became ‘too addicted' to the game.

Now let’s dive deeper into the game’s success and get to know how many people still play PUBG in 2021 after bursting onto the scene four years ago.


How Many People Play PUBG in 2021

While there is no direct count of how many players exactly play PUBG, there were a handful of milestones game developers PUBG Corporation revealed over the years.

It includes PUBG’s achievement of selling over 70 million copies since it was released. This was declared at the end of 2020 which was followed by another major milestone just last March 2021.

By March this year, PUBG Corporation celebrated PUBG Mobile’s achievement of listing over 1 billion downloads in both the Google and IOS app stores for mobile devices. This is a feat where only very few game titles achieved so far, joining the likes of Candy Crush and Temple Run.

Upcoming PUBG Titles

While PUBG’s peak could be considered as over already, there will be new and upcoming PUBG titles set in the game’s universe which will be released anytime soon.

These are PUBG: New State and The Calisto Protocol. The former will be another battle-royale title set to be released for mobile sometime this year, while the latter will be a survival horror game set hundreds of years after the events of the original PUBG and is slated to see release in 2022.

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