After Just One Day, Battlegrounds Mobile India Is Already Planning Refunds and Changes

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One day after its early access launch and just a few short hours after opening the floodgates to the masses, Battlegrounds Mobile India has already buckled under the collective weight of complaints regarding jacked-up in-game prices. Battlegrounds Mobile India UC price changes are coming, but there will be no cash refund. Here's what we know.

As a free-to-play game, PUBG Mobile has always climbed the Top Grossing charts in each region due to its continuous skin releases, loot boxes, regular season passes, and aggressive gatcha mechanics. Its high prices were always criticized, but it worked. And this latest controversy is proof of that.


Now that the game has been re-released in the country as Battlegrounds Mobile India, 20+ million fans eager to open their wallets for the latest in-game cosmetics have come to realize that the game's regional pricing was noticeably higher than it used to be.

A graph showing the UC refunds players will receive following the price changes to Battlegrounds Mobile India UC purchases.

In a lengthy post issued to the game's official Discord channel, the team "confirmed that the UC [the game's premium currency] purchase price in the BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA Early Access version is higher than that of the Global version." and that is committed to a "plan to lower the purchase price of UC" in response."

Anyone who shelled out extra for in-game UC before this announcement won't get the excess added back into their bank accounts, though. Rather than issue refunds following the Battlegrounds Mobile India UC price adjustment, players will simply be given more UC to reflect the original purchase price.


There's no word on when the Battlegrounds Mobile India UC price change will come into effect, what the new UC prices will be, or when players can expect their UC refunds.

All we know through the announcement is that a "detailed schedule" will be published sometime down the line with refunds happening "as soon as possible" following the change.