BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA Early Access Is Live - PUBG Mobile Returns

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Almost a year following the banning of PUBG Mobile in India, the country just got its very own version of its favorite mobile battle royale. BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA has launched, but you might need a little luck to play.

After a massively successful pre-registration campaign, PUBG IP holder KRAFTON announced that the India-only version of the battle royale game will be available today.


The release is technically only early access, meaning it's unlikely every one of the 20+ million players who signed up through pre-registration period will be able to play right now.

The developers have promised that more slots will open gradually over time, so don't give up if you're struggling to get in right now.

To put things into perspective, more people have signed up for BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA than have signed up for PUBG: New State right now.


Although details are sparse, BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA is a like-for-like recreation of PUBG Mobile built specifically to adhere to the legislation that led the Indian government to ban the original Chinese-made game in the first place.

Following the ban, PUBG IP holder KRAFTON (a Korean company) revoked the license China's Tencent used to make and publish PUBG Mobile in India. This allowed KRAFTON to develop its own version of the game to circumvent the Indian government's ban on Chinese apps and games.

Originally rumored to simply have an Indian company publish PUBG Mobile in Tencent's place to apease data protection concerns, the then-named PUBG Mobile India failed to release, presumably due to the PUBG name being a red flag for the country.

It has since been rebranded to BATTLEGROUNDS Mobile INDIA, a name which should still let former players know it's the game they know and love.


When Will BATTLEGROUND MOBILE INDIA Release? - PUBG Mobile India Release Date

Although the announcement stats that BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA is an early access release, there's reason to believe it is actually the full release.

Access is likely just being staggered over time to ensure the servers don't buckle under the weight of the entire country of India attempting to log in at the same time.

For iOS users, a release date isn't clear just yet. Just like PUBG: New State, Android comes first. It could be down to Apple's stricter guidelines on app publishing, but we'll never truly know. The wait continues, iPhone users.


How to Download BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA - PUBG Mobile India Download Link

Downloading PUBG Mobile India should be as simple as searching for and downloading the game from the Google Play Store.

Having trouble? This link should do it.