Psychonauts 2: Where to Find the Typewriter Keys

While inside Mail Clerk Cruller's head in Psychonauts 2 you will come across a giant typewriter. It's missing some keys, that must be placed back in the right spots in order to beat the level. Here's where to find the typewriter keys, and what to type onto the letter.

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Psychonauts 2: Where to Find the Typewriter Keys

There are four typewriter keys to find and place in the Cruller's Correspondence area. There's one either side of the Typewriter, in the small alcoves filled with mail. There's also one resting in front, you can't miss it. These three can be placed using your telekinesis ability. The fourth one is harder to find.

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You'll need to follow the level round to Cruller's mechanical head. Use the floating mail to reach new areas, and then reach the final mailbox. The letter will be tossed into the typewriter, and you will be able to swing over to the final letter. You can see it in the screenshot above. Slot in the last letter, and move onto the next stage.

There's a Scavenger Hunt to be completed while playing through Psychonauts 2. Visit our Walkthrough for tips on finding all 16 items.

What to Type On the Letter

You'll have added the letters C,U,Y and L to the typewriter at this point, and will need to use them to write something use the jump and pound attack to spell out LUCY. This will cause Cruller's head to explode, getting you inside and near his brain.

That's all you need to know about getting Typewriter keys in Psychonauts 2. For more help with the game be sure to check out our guide on reaching blue grapple points. Elsewhere there's our look at replaying levels.

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