Playstation State of Play Presentation Rumoured for This Week

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Reports are coming in that Sony is planning new announcements this week through a State of Play presentation. Following last month's Gran Turismo 7 presentation - a game which launched last week - we've been awaiting news on the next event.

Gamereactor EU claims that numerous sources have confirmed this planned event, supposedly revealing release dates for some highly-anticipated titles. While this could be delayed due to current events surrounding Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, that all remains officially unconfirmed right now.

We Might Get a State of Play Presentation This Week

There's a few potential games this could bring updates for, including God of War Ragnarok. We've also seen repeat rumours that Sony's planning to launch its rival to Xbox Game Pass - currently codenamed Project Spartacus - so if this is true, that'll likely factor in too. Reportedly, that'll merge PS Plus and PS Now into one larger service.

If a State of Play really is coming this week, fans will have to keep their eyes tuned into social media. We’ll also keep you updated if Sony confirms anything further.

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