Sony Silently Fixed PS4's Battery Issue In Update 9.0

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Sony has fixed the PS4 console's internal CMOS battery issue through firmware update version 9.0, which released last week. While this fix wasn't mentioned in the version 9.0 update patch notes, users such as the Modern Vintage Gamer confirmed the CMOS battery issue is now solved.

For everyone's information, the issue with the battery is that when it dies (including the natural drain), games cannot be played whether if it's physical or digital unless the console is connected to an internet connection.


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CMOS Battery Issue Fixed

The issue was raised back in April, after Does It Play? called this out on social media. That was supported by various fans and users of the console, who pointed out another issue pertaining to Trophies, since a date is needed to unlock them.


With the fix now being implemented, users may now play their games even if their CMOS battery drains (which in most cases only happens on very rare occasions).

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