Rumour: Jade Raymond's PS5 Exclusive Is An Online Service Game

According to new reports, Jade Raymond's PS5 exclusive with Haven Entertainment Studios will follow the games-as-a-service (GaaS) model. This comes from Italian publication Multiplayer.IT (spotted by VGC), who cites recruiters as their information source.

Having previously worked on Assassin’s Creed and EA Motive, Raymond's been in the news this year after leaving Google this February, with Google confirming they were closing internal Stadia studios. A month later, she announced a new studio, Haven Entertainment, confirming they'd partnered with Sony to create an original IP.

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Rumour: Jade Raymond's PS5 Exclusive Is An Online Service Game

Understandably, for a studio that's only just been formed, we've yet to see what this new IP will actually bring. That said, in a blog post published last month, Raymond detailed how she believed “fans, not professional developers” would drive the next big IPs, specifically referencing GaaS by stating:

Hit franchises of the future need to be designed to ensure quality and canon even when — especially when — we hand over ownership to the fans. Fans will have the creative power to steer the story, shape the game universe, and spur virality from the inside out.
The pivot of many of the game industry’s biggest franchises from premium launches to the games as a service (GaaS) model — Grand Theft Auto to Grand Theft Auto Online, for example, or Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six to Siege) — was one important step toward two-way engagement, but the fully realized vision for this new generation of highly social, tech-savvy, creative multitaskers is a network model.

While any information about this upcoming game remains speculative, we've previously seen that Raymond's hired numerous developers around Montreal, including former Assassin’s Creed, Watch Dogs and Shadow of the Tomb Raider staff. It'll be a while before we'll likely learn more, and we'll keep you informed when we do.

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