Reports Suggest A Redesigned PS5 Model Enters Production Next Year

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Update - May 27

A new PlayStation 5 model has been spotted in an unlikely place. As noted by Twitter user @_akatama_, reference to a new wireless communication module was seen in Peru, specifically through an official Homologation document. Within this application, Sony's latest console is referenced as model CFI-1015A.

This was filed on April 26, with an application registered on May 23. Though it's unclear if this is related to the previous talk of a PS5 redesign, the timing certainly aligns with previous reports. We'll keep you updated as we learn more.


Original - May 6

We're only six months into the ninth console generation and already, rumours are speculating about future redesigns. While speculation has mostly focused on Nintendo's alleged "Switch Pro", reports have now surfaced that Sony's already planning a PlayStation 5 redesign to enter production next year.

As spotted by VGC, these reports come from Taiwanese business website DigiTimes, who claim suppliers are planning to produce this redesigned PS5 in the second half of 2022. Allegedly, that new model would feature a “new semi-customized” 6nm CPU from AMD.

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This could potentially be a response to the current semiconductor shortage worldwide, which has led to major tech companies suffering with stock issues. Sony is no exception and during their latest financial briefing, CFO Hiroki Totoki stated they were looking at solutions, including altering hardware designs and new suppliers.

It seems unlikely this will be a mid-generation performance upgrade, but Sony has form for releasing slim models of their home consoles. The PlayStation 5 gained attention for its hefty size before launch and - looking to the last generation - Sony launched a PS4 Slim before the PS4 Pro. As such, we wouldn't rule this out.