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PS5 Web Browser: Where Is It And How To Use Hidden Web Browser

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As you may already know, the PS5 does not contain a web browser, or so we thought.


Many used the browser on PS4 to stream content such as anime on sites which don't have available PS apps.

Hearing that it wouldn't be a feature was a shock to most players.

Find out more about that here.

It turns out that there is actually a browser for the PS5.

Although it may not be what you think...

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PS5 Hidden Web Browser

Sony stated they don't really think a web browser is necessary.

They don't believe players want it that badly.


The main reason they chose not to include it way likely due to hacking.

Sony knows this too well with hacks making their way in v.17.76 for PS4.

It turns out that the PS5 actually does have a web browser.

Although you can only access it when you first set up your console.

It's also restricted and you can only access certain Sony sites.

Maybe this is intended for future in-game purchases?

Whatever it is, we'll be sure to keep you updated on whether a proper web browser does come to the game.

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