PS5 Web Browser: Sony Unlikely To Bring Browser Feature Back

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Many fans of PlayStations were surprised to find out the PS5 doesn't have a web browser.

It seems Sony didn't believe it to be a vital feature for the next-gen console.


Might we see this change in the future?

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PS5 Web Browser

Sony's senior vice president Hideaki Nishino spoke with Japanese site AV Watch about the lack of a web browser for the PS5.


Well-known Twitter user Nibellion then went on to translate what was said.

Nishino said, “We have doubts about whether a web browser is necessary for a game console as an app, so we’ll have to wait and see”.

Web browsers on consoles have always been pretty clunky and slow.

Paired with the fact that manoeuvring the feature is difficult with a controller.


Hopefully, you didn't rely on the web browser too heavily.

One of the potential issues is games such as Apex Legends redirecting players to web pages.

Although, this may be a quick fix by using emails instead of doing the above.

It seems that Sony may still be open to the addition of a web browser.


This is all dependant on the response from players and demand for the feature.