PS5 Shipments Hit 7.8 Million Units, While PS4 Reaches 115.9 Million

With the previous fiscal year ending on March 31st 2021, we've seen a few companies report in on their financial results. CD Projekt Red released their own a couple of weeks ago, and Sony's now joined ranks by publishing theirs in full.

Evidently, it's been a good year, and Sony reported that their Games and Network Services division saw a $25 billion revenue, with profits at around $3.2 billion. As part of this, they announced hat the PS5 has now shipped 7.8 million units, exceeding their sales forecast of 7.6 million.

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PS5 Shipments Hit 7.8 Million Units, While PS4 Reaches 115.9 Million

Elsewhere, PS4 has now hit 115.9 million, further cementing its status as the second best-selling home console of all-time, surpassed only by the PS2. PlayStation Plus subscribers were reported to have reached 47.6 million, up by 6.1 from last year's annual reports.

PS4/PS5 software admittedly saw a combined drop, selling a respectable 61.4 million units in 2020's fourth quarter, but it's down by 3.9 million from the previous fiscal year. Out of this, 7.9 million units were first-party titles, also down from the previous year by 1.3 million.

Notably, 79% of these full game sales were digital downloads, which has risen by 11% from the previous fiscal year. Overall, its a positive picture for Sony, one that's likely to build with upcoming releases like God of War, Horizon Forbidden West, and Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart.

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