PS5 Pre-Orders CANCELLED - Retailers Are Cancelling Pre-orders

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This past week was one of the biggest of the year for gamers. 

From the release of the Nvidia RTX 3080 to the pre-orders of the PS5; there was a lot to keep track of.

Now, it appears some people who thought they had secured a PS5 may be in danger.



UK retailer Argos has been reportedly been having an ample amount of issues when it comes to pre-orders.

 One Twitter user iamJCAllergi, noted that they have not received a confirmation email after two hours; and was wondering what this means.


A reply by another user showcased what appears to be a message from Argo's themselves.  

If you did not receive an email after two hours of placing an order, it appears it did not get fully confirmed. 

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Another retailer has been canceling pre-orders it seems.

Adam_Baines posted a screenshot of a cancellation message from Very, along with his frustration. 

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Perhaps the biggest culprit of them all is global retailer Amazon.

Gaming industry icon Geoff Keighley posted an email he received from Amazon last night.


Apparently, Amazon cannot guarantee certain pre-orders will arrive when the PS5 releases.

This is probably due to the fact that they back-ordered a large number of people and cannot keep up with it now/

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