Ps5 overheating: How to fix and what can you do to stop it overheating

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So, you just got your new PS5 and you can’t wait for it to become your only way to play!

Though unfortunately like any piece of tech, the machine is not free from issues.

Some users are reporting that their new console is running a little hot.


The PS5 fans were well advertised for being significantly quieter than the PS4’s but do they need to start pumping out more airflow?

Here’s everything we know about PS5s overheating!

PlayStation 5s Are Overheating

Reports are popping up online of PS5s starting to heat up to pretty noticeable temperatures.

Exactly why these consoles are heating up we can’t be 100% sure, after the Xbox Series X smoking debacle.

Though watch out yourself, it appears as if the console can even overheat while in rest mode!

Making sure to turn your console off every so often, and making sure to not place it in a warm place will help too!


We have more tips below if you need them.

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How to Keep Your PS5 from Overheating

We have a few tips that may help.

1. Don’t place your PS5 on a carpet or rug

2. Do not cover your PS5, say with a cloth

3. Keep the PS5 as dust-free as you can

4. Don’t leave your PS5 next to a wall or other surface

Hopefully, this helps you out and we’ll be sure to let you know if there are any other fixes!