PS5 Breaks UK Sales Record, Hits One Million Faster Than Previous PlayStations

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PlayStation has had an impressive start heading into next-gen, with the PS5 amassing an incredible 10 million sales in less than a year.

After becoming the fastest-selling PlayStation console worldwide, this result has been replicated in the UK. According to new sales data, the PS5 has sold a total of one million units in the UK, a record feat for Sony.


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PS5 Breaks UK Sales Record, Hits One Million Faster Than Previous PlayStations

As reported by Games Industry, Sony achieved these sales 39 weeks after launching. The next-gen system also reached one million sales three weeks earlier than the PS4 with over 100, 000 units being sold in August alone:

For the four weeks ending August 28th, over 151,500 games consoles were sold in the UK (GfK panel data). That means almost 1.4 million games devices have been sold this year, which is up more than a third over 2020.

The console's success was replicated in the gaming accessories department, with the DualSense becoming the no.1 selling item. Digital and physical game sales were also reported, with nearly 2 million digital copies being distributed in August in the UK:

In terms of digital and physical game sales (supplied by GSD), 1.86 million games were sold in the UK during August, which us up 6.3% over the same month in 2020. Digital sales rose 13.6% to 1.17 million units sold, while physical game sales dropped 4.1% to 691,000 units.

The PS5's impressive run is expected to continue, with Sony confident that its system can topple 22 million by March 2022.