PS5: How To Speed Up Download Times And Get Rid Of Slow Speeds

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Sometimes you just don't have the patience to wait hours for a game to finish downloading.

Maybe your friend is waiting for you to jump on but they're getting bored of waiting.

Don't worry, we've all been there.


Well were here to stop you pulling your hair out.

Find out some of the ways you can reduce slow speeds on the PS5!

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How To Get Faster Speeds On PS5

Refresh Your Connection

This may sound ridiculous but it can actually be a quick fix.

Head to your settings, disconnect and reconnect.

It might simply be your connection was a little wobbly.


Restart Your Router

We've all been there, whether it be a sibling or ourselves asking our parents if we can reset the router.

Or maybe you've got more guts than me and did it without asking.

Either way, restarting your router can in many cases fix slow speeds.

This can be done by either turning the router on and off or by unplugging it and plugging back in.

Turn Off Background Apps And Other Downloads

If you have updates and games set to automatically download this might be what is causing your slow speeds.


Make sure to close any background apps or games you aren't using.

Then pause or cancel any downloads that aren't the main focus.

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Disconnect Other Devices From WiFi

Yes, this might be the fix for you, but this does not mean you can kick your little brother off of Fortnite.

If you're in a household with slow internet speeds anyway, and on top of that are using multiple devices, you'll be left with pretty much nothing.

Sometimes certain devices that aren't being actively used will be connected to the internet.


The fewer devices connected, the faster the speeds, in most cases.

Make sure to check with others before disconnecting anything, otherwise, you may have a screaming kid to deal with.

Wired Connection

It might just be that you're too far from your router or your internet plan doesn't have high enough speeds for wireless play.

Looks like it may be time to grab an ethernet cable and turn to a wired connection.

Upgrade Your Internet Provider Plan

If you really can't bear the idea of a wired connection, your last option is to change your internet plan.

Get in contact with your provider or go online to their site and find a plan which suits you best.

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Check your Internet Connection Settings to find out your download speed!