Latest PS5 System Update Seemingly Improves Performance Of Some Games

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The PS5 received its latest software patch last week, offering a number of features from SSD storage expansion to 3D audio enhancements. But alongside these additions, it has been discovered that this system update revises the performance of certain games.

Digital Foundry continued its collaboration with Gamers Nexus by testing the performance of the PS5 before and after the patch. While they found no noticeable differences in activity between the disc and digital edition of the console, they did record some enhancements for games like Control and Devil May Cry 5.


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Latest PS5 Firmware Update Seemingly Improves The Performance Of Some Games

While minimal, Control experiences a 2% increase in performance while Devil May Cry 5 runs 3% faster, in addition to an extension in FPS by 1 or 2 units:

In very select scenarios, it does seem as though [both] PlayStation 5s are running faster than they were before with this new firmware.

The visual adjustments aren't necessarily visible to the standard viewer however, it does open up the possibility of improving visuals and performance of games by extensive amounts in future software patches.