New PlayStation Vita Game Submissions Finally End Today

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PlayStation Vita and PS3 may have escaped store closure back in April, but Sony's still sticking to one of their original deadlines. As they've previously confirmed, July 20th marks the last day for developers to submit new games, meaning the last batch of releases launch tomorrow.

As reported by Push Square, we've seen at least two games which are hitting this deadline. One of these is Russian Subway Dogs by Spooky Squid Games, an arcade experience which sees stray dogs "stealing food and juggling vodka" to survive across a full-length campaign. There's also an arcade mode, featuring procedurally generated levels.


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New PlayStation Vita Game Submissions Finally End Today

As for the second game. that's Ultra Mission from Gumbo Machine. This one's another arcade-like experience, a top-down shooter packing a combo system and "infinite gameplay loop". That'll cost $2.99 and according to Gumbo Machine, launches first on Vita, so other platforms are likely to expect it soon.

While there might be more titles joining this last hurrah, it's the end of an era for Sony's less successful handheld. Though it never achieved the success that Sony's PSP could manage, there was still a solid games library within, and that's worth a look even now.