PlayStation Now Will Begin Supporting 1080p Streaming This Week

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Microsoft are making big leaps in cloud gaming lately. Having recently launched a beta for iOS and Windows 10 PC's, it's left Sony playing catch up. As part of their PlayStation Now service, Sony has just confirmed they'll be updating this service across Europe, US, Canada, and Japan, letting us stream at 1080p for the first time.

That update rollout will occur over the next several weeks, and previously, PlayStation Now only supported up to 720p streaming. It's an overdue update, and while we don't have exact dates just yet for each region, we'll likely learn more soon.

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PlayStation Now Will Begin To Support 1080p Streaming This Week

Available across PS5, PS4 and PC, PlayStation Now offers a software library of over 700 games. Alongside streaming, Players can also download PS4 and PS2 games at their full resolution, while classic PS3 games are only available via streaming.


We're still awaiting news about May's upcoming additions, but April's PlayStation Now line-up brought us Marvel’s Avengers, Borderlands 3, and The Long Dark. Annoyingly for PS5 owners, that didn't include their next-gen equivalents, only offering the PS4 editions.