PlayStation Patents a Voting Tool to Remove Players from Games

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PlayStation recently launched its latest PS5 update yesterday, allowing for a boost in the console's performance, but future updates could be bringing vastly different features to the best-selling system.

Sony patented a new feature titled 'Spectators Vote to Bench Players in a Video Game' with the U.S. Patent Office This will allow players to vote or 'bench' players in games, based on how well they are performing.


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PlayStation Patent Allows Voting To Remove Players From Games

The patent describes a feature where spectators could vote to kick out or bench other users if the poll meets a certain threshold:

If the number of votes received to remove the player from the video game meets the threshold level required to trigger removal of the player from the video game, the method includes generating a command configured to cause the player to be removed from the video game.
<img src="patent.jpg" alt="Venn diagram of playstation patent">

These victims will be removed from the game while others are notified of the action through "visual cues".

PlayStation has issued a range of patents, a few of which have been implemented with some PS5 features. Others haven't been adapted, such as a patent that gives PS5 players the choice to use bananas to play games - at least, not yet. Even though the voting system seems like a potentially big multiplayer feature, this aspect may not even be integrated.

Meanwhile, the PS5 continues to break records, as it recently toppled the Switch 33-month run in sales in the US. A job listing was also discovered that hints at the development of the PS5 Pro.